Official Mar Vista Community Council Election Results

The regular Tuesday May 11th 2010 MVCC Board meeting will consist of the Installation Ceremony for this newly elected Board below.  This will take place in the regular meeting place at the Mar Vista Recreation Center at 11430 Woodbine Avenue 90066 at 7PM.   Councilman Rosendahl will be in attendance and will be administering the swearing in ceremony.  Following the installation, a short Board meeting will take place, with the only item of business being the election of Officers for the upcoming year.  The Officers to be elected are Chair, 1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Community Director
Alex C. Thompson

Zone 1 Director
Babak Nahid

Zone 2 Director
Bill A. Koontz

Zone 3 Director
Kate Anderson

Zone 4 Director
Tara N. Mulski

Zone 5 Director
Maritza Przekop

Zone 6 Director
Marilyn F. Marble

At-Large Directors
Sharon Commins
Chuck Ray
Laura E. Bodensteiner
William L. Scheding
Geoffrey P. Forgione
Albert L. Olson

Tree Planting on Pacific Avenue

A successful tree planting took place on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago on Pacific Avenue Rosa Bautista of Tree People and neighbor Stacey Louriabetween Grand View Blvd. and Centinela Avenue. The project was headed up by local resident Stacey Louria with able assistance of the well respected Tree People non-profit organization and volunteers from the neighborhood and from the greater Westside area. Snacks, coffee and water was provided by local Mar Vista vendors.

Twelve Brisbane Box shade trees were planted under the supervision and help of several Tree people staff and volunteers.  This shade tree is an evergreen from Australia known to do well in Southern California because of its drought resistance. It blooms yearly with small white flowers and is known for its beauty and attraction for birds.

Stacey hopes to be able to add at least five more trees when permission and funds are available to cut out concrete near the Grand View end of this block of Pacific. Property owners and neighbors committed to water the trees in the early stages. The Tree people model is to do at least yearly volunteer tree care events to provide the trees a greater guarantee of survival and growth.