Meeting at the Mar Vista Wednesday August 25th from 6PM to 8PM

The Wednesday August 25th joint meeting of SoMar and the North Oval Neighborhood Assn. will take place at the Mar Vista Restaurant at 12249 Venice Blvd. on the north side of Venice  from 6PM to approx. 8PM. We don’t know yet the food or drink availability and Covid protocols.

The main reason is to meet our new Mar Vista Community Council Zone 5 Director Drew Reusch. Zone 5 has the same footprint as the South Mar Vista NA boundaries.  Drew has also taken the Chair of the PLUM Committee and the position of MVCC Treasurer.  Other guest confirmed is Dr. Rob Watkins the Chair of the MVCC Homeless Committee. LAPD and other guests have not confirmed yet.

The topics to consider will be Crime, unhoused encampments, a new non-profit group called HousingMV and what their impact could be, and possible Upzoning of Single family lots. Agenda to be announced.

Please invite any neighbors that may not yet be on the South Mar Vista e-mail list. Please RSVP to SoMar President Steve Wallace at

National Night Out and LAPD Pacific Boosters Thanks You

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NATIONAL NIGHT OUT for our LAPD Pacific Area Officers and the communities they serve was a fantastic, fun, engaging,”mutual” show of support evening that was enjoyed by all. We hope you were there to share in the spirit and energy that surrounded us from 6PM – 9PM at Penmar Park – a perfect setting for the evening.    MH-1-400.jpgofficers2400.jpgofficers400.jpg 


Below are all our prize donors. 
Be sure to visit them & give them your support!

Mexican Restaurant
533 Rose Ave. 

The Butcher’s Daughter
Vegetarian Restaurant 
1205 Abbot Kinney

The Waterfront Venice 
California Restaurant 
205 Ocean Front Walk

The Rose Venice
California Restaurant 
220 Rose Ave.

The Venice Whaler
American Eatery
10 Washington Blvd

The Pier House
Seafood Restaurant 
7 W Washington Blvd

Baja Cantina
Mexican Restaurant 
311 Washington Blvd 

Cantalini’s Salerno Beach 
Italian Restaurant
193 Culver Blvd

Mar Vista Grab and Go 
American Restaurant 
12226 Venice Blvd

Rutts Hawaiian Cafe 
Hawaiian Restaurant 
11707 Washington Place

Rasselbock Kitchen & Beer 
German Restaurant 
3817 Grand View Blvd

Mavro Kafe
Coffee Shop 
12224 Venice Blvd

 Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery 
Deli & Gourmet Groceries
1517 Lincoln Blvd.

Thank You To Our Photographers
Brian Ulf and Rob Kadota

Our CPAB Event Chair
George Francisco 
and his CPAB committee 
Ron Mito – Rob Kato – Rob Kadota –
Pat Karasick – Ron Mito

Our Announcer 
Rob Kadota 
Our DJ
Alex Rosales
Special Thanks To 
Sargent Brian Cook 

Special Thanks Also To:
All those in the community who 
helped make the pieces come together 
so quickly for this year’s NNO. 
You know who you are!!

.The best way to build a safer community
 is to knowour neighbors
& our surroundings & our police! 

The New and Improved Mar Vista Community Council

Our new Zone 5 Director Drew Reusch has been appointed chair of the important PLUM Committee and his first meeting is tonight as well. See info from Kathryn Wheeler Chair of MVCC below. The Links should be active:

A Letter From The Chair

Dear Mar Vista Stakeholders,
Hope you and your family are safe and enjoying the Mar Vista summer.

This summer has been very busy for the MVCC. In June, we launched the new and improved, the City held its first-ever Vote-By-Mail elections for the entire Neighborhood Council System, and the fiscal year ended (which always adds work). July saw the seating of eleven new board members with four incumbents, the election of the MVCC Officers, and the new committee structure.

August is also busy with the beginning of committee meetings–the first is tonight at 6:30pm, Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM), tomorrow evening is Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) at 6pm, and the Outreach Committee on Thursday at 6:30pm. To view our monthly schedule, please visit

As mentioned above, we have made some committee changes. These changes are an earnest effort to make the MVCC more in-line as to why the Neighborhood Council System (NC) was created:  to provide a voice for the community regarding “matters to be considered by the City Council, City Council Committees, and City boards or commissions…PRIOR to the City Council making a decision on a matter of local concern.” (emphasis mine)

Last fiscal year, the MVCC had 15 committees/subcommittees that required chair appointments for monthly meetings. The number of stakeholders appointed roughly equaled the number of elected board members and the number of subcommittees outnumbered the parent committees.

In my two and a half years of attending MVCC meetings, I have witnessed lion-hearted stakeholders burnt out by too many subcommittee meetings, and/or the burdensome legalities of chairing a committee.

Remember, if a stakeholder is appointed as a chair, they no longer are a stakeholder. Our governing body requires they take the same training (~4.5 hours) and be held accountable to the same governing documents as if they had been elected to the board. One of the best governing documents (i.e., The Brown Act which creates a transparent government), also requires that chairs guard “against discussing matters that are likely to be issues within the subject matter jurisdiction” of the MVCC whether at a “informal gathering”, through “serial meetings or intermediary”, or with “technological devices”. This does put a damper on discussing local matters with friends who might also chair a committee or is a board member.

Since stakeholders are the reason we exist, we needed to scale back so stakeholders could once again fully participate in the process by doing research, reporting, discussing, and making recommendations on how the MVCC should vote. We must always be stakeholder-friendly!

So, welcome stakeholders! We hope you enjoy the new schedule.

We have scaled back from 15 to 7 meetings a month. The meetings will be held Tuesday thru Thursday evenings the first two weeks of the month. To accommodate the Tuesday thru Thursday schedule, and to allow stakeholders to attend both the Venice and Mar Vista Board of Directors’ meetings, the Board of Directors’ meeting has been moved to the third Wednesday of the month.

We hope this new schedule will encourage you to fully participate in the process and make a difference in Mar Vista!

Please visit the new and improved to Find Your Zone , check the Calendar for upcoming meetings, get to know more about your Neighborhood Council, and discover how you would like to participate in helping Mar Vista!

Please feel free to contact us, we are here to serve. Have a great week!

Kathryn Wheeler
MVCC Chair

MVCC OFFICERS (Executive & FInance Committee – 2nd Thursday, 7pm)
Chair: Kathryn Wheeler
Vice-Chair: Andrew Marton
2nd Vice-Chair: Jordan Paul
Secretary: Charlene Samiley
Treasurer: Drew Ruesch

Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM) – 1st Tuesday, 6:30pm
Chair: Drew Ruesch
Vice-Chair: Stacey Greenwald
2nd Vice-Chair: Tyler Laferriere

Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) – 1st Wednesday, 6pm
Chair: Jordan Paul
Vice-Chair: Kathy Rodriguez
2nd Vice-Chair: Faith Myhra

Outreach – 1st Thursday, 6:30pm
Chair: Carolyn Honda
Vice-Chair: Kathryn Wheeler
2nd Vice-Chair: Mary Beth Blakey

Elections & Bylaws – 2nd Tuesday, 6pm
Chair: Martin Rubin
Vice-Chair: Holly Tilson
2nd Vice-Chair: Bitta Sharma

PHS & Homeless – 2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm
Chair: Robert Watkins
Vice-Chair:Andrew Marton
2nd Vice-Chair:Charlene Samiley

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