Don’t Fall for a Telephone Social Security Scam

Community: BE AWARE: Social Security Scam Phone Calls
***Scam Alert***

The Culver City Police Department wants the community to beware of phone scams regarding your Social Security number. In one common tactic, the fake callers tell the potential victim that his or her Social Security number has been “suspended” because of suspicious activity or because it has been involved in a crime. The callers may ask their victims to confirm their Social Security numbers. They even say that the victims must withdraw cash from their bank accounts and that the accounts will be frozen if the victims don’t act quickly.
Do not provide your Social Security number, bank account information or send money to anyone.

You can report these scam phone calls to the F.T.C on their website

Councilman Bonin Community Police Survey due May 13, 2019

From Councilman Bonin the survey itself says June 2019 but his e-mail says May 13th:

“I need your help to make our neighborhoods even safer.

Right now, the Los Angeles Police Department is asking for input on a study that will help the Department improve patrol staffing, increase neighborhood police presence, and reduce response times in our communities.

Will you complete this important survey today?

This study is part of an effort I launched in 2017 to get more patrol officers in our neighborhoods. My “Back to Basic Car” initiative has already led to more than 600 LAPD officers being reassigned to community patrols, where they have an opportunity to get to know the neighborhoods they are keeping safe and to build relationships with the neighbors they work within the community. The massive redeployment to refocus our public safety resources on community policing represents tremendous progress, but there is a lot more work to do.

When LAPD leaders look at how to deploy officers to neighborhoods, they rely on maps that designate different “basic car areas” throughout LA. These basic car areas have not been updated in more than two decades, and major population shifts (such as the creation of the community of Playa Vista) are not taken into account on the current maps. By updating the “Basic Car Area Maps,” we can make sure these areas conform to the way our neighborhoods work today, and that can mean more patrol cars and Senior Lead Officers on the Westside.

The Basic Car Study is an important part of the process to update our basic car areas, and the community survey portion of the study is needed to make sure future changes to how we deploy officers to keep our communities safe reflects the reality in our neighborhoods. The survey will be live until May 13 – please make sure to share it with your friends and neighbors so their input can be reflected as well. The survey is being conducted by a third-party contractor, and no personal information you share through the survey will be given to the LAPD.

Thank you very much for your time and for your partnership in moving Los Angeles forward, doing good, and getting things done for our neighborhoods.


Councilmember, 11th District”