Distraction Burglaries are Increasing – Be Aware

Incident in the 2700 Block of Coolidge Avenue on March 1, 2014

Two male Suspects acted as plumbing workers, and informed the elderly Victims that they were there to work on the sewer.  One of the Victims (Wife) accompanied Suspect #1 to the rear yard, where the suspect instructed the Victim to peer over the fence into her neighbor’s yard and see if the water pipe breaks.  The Victim became suspicious when the Suspect simulated talking on a handheld radio.  Simultaneously, Suspect #2 went inside the house with the other Victim (Husband) and instructed him to watch the faucet at the kitchen sink while water flowed from it.  The Victim saw the Suspect inside his bedroom ransacking it.  The Victim questioned the Suspect and the Suspect instructed the Victim to return to watching the water at the sink.  The Suspect then began to ransack a second bedroom.  At some point, the Victim observed the Suspect exit his residence in an unknown direction.  Both Victims met inside their home and observed two bedrooms ransacked, and then contacted the police.