Congress Of Neighborhoods – Open to All Citizens

Congress of Neighborhoods on the 24th of September

With FREE parking, one-on-one with your favorite elected official, workshop, FREE lunch and the first time ever a live Congress Action session at 2:30pm there are plenty of reasons to register, right now! Here is the press release on the congress, schedule, workshop list etc.

LA’s Neighborhood Councils Present the

Congress of Neighborhoods-

“Increasing Public Participation in Government!”

Neighborhood Council leaders from throughout the city have partnered with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) in bringing the 2011 LA Congress of Neighborhoods to the residents of LA on Saturday, September 24, from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Los Angeles has 95 certified neighborhood councils and the Congress of Neighborhoods is designed by council leaders so that there is something for everybody, from curious stakeholders to new board members to seasoned veterans of the civic engagement process to city hall insiders.

The event is free, it includes breakfast and lunch, and registration only takes a moment.

There are two morning sessions and one afternoon session, filled with 21 different programs designed by neighborhood council members to be practical, how-to types of sessions that offer a broad overview of the subject and resources that support local action.

Ten of the programs cover basic information that is important for new Board members. Eleven programs cover more advanced topics designed for experienced Board members and focused subjects that will be attractive to those with special interests and talents.

The afternoon “Action Session” is a literal “Congress of Neighborhoods,” an experimental return to the intent of the City Charter Article IX, Section 901(c) provision that neighborhood councils can come together, discuss issues, and take collective action at a Congress.

The 2011 LA Congress of Neighborhoods puts the future of the neighborhood council system in the hands of the community by creating an environment for education, for empowerment, and for engagement. Most of all, it creates an opportunity for neighborhood councils to work together as a citywide movement.

In 1999 the voters approved a new City Charter which declared “We the people of the City of Los Angeles, in order to establish a responsive, effective and accountable government through which all voices in our diverse society can be heard; to provide fair representation and distribution of government resources and a safe, harmonious environment based on principles of liberty and equality, do enact this Charter.”

Schedule to date:

7:45am Registration

8:30 Opening Session

9:25am Session I

10:50 Session II

Noon Lunch

1:10 Session III

2:30 Action Session (adult and youth)

3:30 Networking

4:00pm End


SESSION 1 WORKSHOP (9:25am – 10:40am)

➛ Meet Your City Officials (brief remarks and a mixer)

➛ Funding Program Basics for Everyone (how spending works)

➛ Emergency Preparedness (CERT, Homeland Security, ham radio, etc.)

➛ How Neighborhood Councils Work (Basics, for New Board Members)

➛ Effective Outreach and Community-Building Techniques

➛ Perspectives: Role of NCs

➛ Perspectives: City Budget

SESSION 2 WORKSHOP (10:50am – 12:05pm)

➛ Working with City Council Committees (subjects, council files, contacts)

➛ Ethics and Open Government (State-required training) session 1 of 2

➛ Animal Issues, Organizations and Programs (different perspectives)

➛ Who and What Do You Need to Know To Get Things Done?

➛ Dealing with Difficult People and Board Conflicts (practical suggestions)

➛ NC Collaborations/(Alliances and Peer Mentoring programs)

➛ Planning and Land Use 101 (what Land Use committees do)

SESSION 3 WORKSHOP (1:10pm-2:25pm)

➛ Working with City Departments (which does what, resources, staff)

➛ Ethics and Open Government (State-required training) session 2 of 2

➛ Green Technologies, Sustainable Living, and Community Gardens

➛ How to Run a Meeting (procedures, fairness, order, time control)

➛ Recruitment, Training, and Management of Volunteers

➛ Creating Community Partnerships (both financial and joint-action)

➛ Online Resources for Neighborhood Councils (Healthycity, ZIMAS, etc.)

Gold Chain Robberies nearby – Be Aware

These incidents seem to be all in Del Rey but are occurring throughout the city so please be careful wearing watches and jewelry on the street in public.

From our Senior Lead Officer Marcy Garcia:


On August 24, 2011, we had 2 robberies in RD 1457 both of them on Braddock Dr.  Both robberies involved suspect(s) taken gold chain from the victim’s.  Price of gold is at 1,800.00 dollars an ounce and climbing and may indicate a new trend in street robberies.

The first robbery occurred at 1000 hrs. at 11735 Braddock Dr (DR 1114-24869).  The Suspect was described as a male, Black, black hair, unknown eyes, 507-508, 140-160, 28 years old, wearing a red t-shirt, red shorts (NFD).  Bodily force was used.

The second robbery occurred at 1400 hrs at Stoner / Braddock (DR 1114-24884).  The Suspect was described as a male, Hispanic, 504, 20 years old wearing red jacket hoodie, blue jeans (NFD).  Bodily force was used once again.

On August 01, 2011 1 we had 1 robbery.  This robbery occurred on Bray St/Inglewood Blvd at approximately 2:45 PM. Suspect approached the victim at the bus stop. The suspect grabbed the victim necklace she was wearing around her neck and threw her to the ground causing injuries.  The victim’s necklace broke and the suspect was only able to take the coin medallion. The suspect is described as male, Black with black hair and brown eyes, 508-510, 150-170, 20-25 years old, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants.

On September 09, 2011 at approximately 11:30 AM we had 1 robbery. This robbery occurred on Inglewood & Braddock. Suspect approached the victim and ripped her chain from her neck. Suspect is a male Black, 5’10, 130 pounds, 18 years of age wearing black t-shirt and black shorts. Suspect entered a black vehicle unknown make and model.

Any questions / concerns please contact
Det Hassanzai #32950, Pacific Area Robbery at 310-482-6394

or Officer Marcy Garcia (310) 622-3972 .