Mar Vista Vote Registration Deadline Reminder

From the Mar Vista Community Council – Info on the election registration with active links. At the bottom is a link to the Planning Dept. lists of comments on their Draft Plan. There is no way to tell if the comments will affect the revised Upzoning Plans coming out soon.


Must apply to receive a ballot to vote!
Supporting documents must be submitted!

Online portal for MVCC ballot is open!

To use paper application:
download application here or visit to download
or call 213-978-0444 or 888-873-1000

City Clerk begins mailing ballots to verified stakeholders on May 10th regardless of application method.   FOR MORE DETAILS – FND OUT MORE  
  NOTICE FROM COMMUNITY PLAN SUBCOMMITTEE The Los Angeles Department of City Planning has uploaded additional comments to it’s Draft Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey Community Plan Update site. You may view them here:

They will be attending the June Westside Regional Alliance of Council’s Land Use Committee meeting to provide “refinements’ possibly being made to the Draft.

Stay tuned for additional details!  WESTSIDE REGIONAL ALLIANCE OF COUNCILS 

Register for Mar Vista Election

Hi South Mar Vista Residents:

Just in case you did not receive Drew’s e mail message, here it is below.

Drew is the Candidate I will be supporting 100% in the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council Elections.

Drew is the right choice for South Mar Vista.

In a time when crime is on the rise, Car theft, break-ins, Lawless Street People camped on every corner and a Councilmember with out of touch ideas and solutions to the problems we have, Drew is the guy we need to make our voices heard.

There are a number of other candidates I will also be supporting, you will soon receive, if you have not already, a door hanger with the Stand Up For Mar Vista Group of Candidates that I feel are right for Mar Vista. 

If you have yet to register for the “Mail In Only” Election Ballot, there is information below that will allow you to complete that application, its the only way your vote will count and you will need to do that now.

Drew is available if you have questions, I’m available if you have questions, just reach out.

  • Please share this with your neighbors
  • Please share with your Home Owner Groups
  • Please share with your friends 

We need your support, its the only thing that will help toward fixing the issues we need to deal with in South Mar Vista.

Regards Steve Wallace
South Mar Vista Neighborhood Association

An Update On Our Neighborhood (Zone 5)

Hello Steve,

As you know, I am running for Mar Vista Community Council. We may have even met at your front door back in October when the city was requesting input on the community plan for up-zoning (ie. up to 5 story buildings on McLaughlin, and duplexes on select streets like Coolidge, Berryman, Minerva, Pacific and others).

I’ve joined the Stand Up For Mar Vista Slate, which means I will stand up against:

Homeless Encampments in Neighborhoods
Increased Traffic 

And I will stand up for:

Holding My City Leaders Accountable
Protecting Mar Vista Park
Keeping Our Neighborhood Safe
Preserving Our Environment 

I would really appreciate your vote, however in order to vote you need to apply for a ballot. You will not receive a mail-in ballot unless you request one.

You can apply here.
Or you can also attend a virtual meeting if you need help applying.
OR you can call this number for immediate application assistance: 310-929-0512.
Apply for a Ballot


I am a resident and home owner in Mar Vista (on McLaughlin), a TV producer, creative director, husband, and father of two very active boys. I am committed to preserving the single family zoning in our community while cultivating and maintaining a neighborhood that we all want to live in.
A place where we can safely walk to the neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops and drug stores. A place that feels safe! I’m also committed to bringing synergy between the MVCC and the city council office for CD11.
If elected, my focus would be on safety and zoning. I respectfully seek your support so that I can work on these issues and help maintain our charming and diverse community we have all built in Mar Vista. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Drew Ruesch – Zone 5 Candidate

Drew Ruesch | Website