Mar Vista Community Center another Giving Tuesday Idea

Hi Friends:
If you’ve received this email, you’ve indicated an interest in helping our Historic Fire Station 62 project at Windward and Centinela, Mar Vista, become a reality. 
Our goal is to rehab the existing old fire station building to house the future Bill Rosendahl Community Center. We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Bill, who was the heartbeat of CD11.
In order to make this happen, we’ve got to raise about 1.6 million [probably more to be prepared for construction, labor, and materials costs increases]. 
HOWEVER…in order to get to the initial 1.6 million, we must show a broad donor base. 
My ask is really simple:Please participate in Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, by making a small donation to the Friends of Historic Fire Station 62. You can do this through our website, linked below, by clicking the bright yellow button [right hand side of the landing page] marked “Donate”. We would love small gifts: $5; $10; $25. Your gift is tax deductible as we are a duly incorporated 501c3 organization.
If you could also reach out to your friends and family, that would be fantastic. If you spread the word on your various networks and lists, that would also be fantastic.The more small donors, the better.
Please join me! 
Giving Tuesday presents us with an opportunity to connect as a community and use our power of generosity to heal. Together, we can make this happen. Let’s honor a man who was a pioneer as the first openly gay member of the Los Angeles City Council, who served CD 11 with integrity, and who gave voice to the voiceless at City Hall.
For more information, visit our Friends of Historic Fire Station 62 website, or our Facebook page. 
Sharon Commins

Mar Vista Community Center at Historic Fire Station 62 – Mar Vista Community CenterA community-driven project to turn our historic, abandoned fire station into a dynamic community center for the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles,

Replay of the Downtown Mar Vista Upgrades Zoom Meeting

Thank you for attending the Downtown Mar Vista Beautification- Step One – Needs Assessment Webinar and for taking the Survey. Your preferences will be documented and us to create a second survey to refine the choices that have been prioritized. If you have friends and neighbors who could not attend please share the following links:

Watch the presentation on Youtube –

Take the survey – the survey will be available until through Friday, November 6th – 

Remember to register for our next onsite event at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market on Sunday November 22nd from 9am to 2pm.  Everyone who signs up will also be sent a link to the survey that will be used onsite the day before the event.

Register at Eventbrite –

Once again, thank you for your participation and please feel free to reach out to me or Alek Bartrosouf with any questions.

Anna Apostolos

Senior Program Manager

Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative

800 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 970

Los Angeles, CA 90017

213-627-1822 ext 14

714-928-4922 cell

“Rebuilding Neighborhoods One Block At A Time”

Meeting on Culver City Development on East Boulevard Tonight October 17 6:30PM

From Michael Scheffe in the South Oval:
“Hi Neighbors –
As many of you know, Ray and Millie’s old place at 4233 East Blvd. was sold to a buyer who is now planning a four-unit townhouse project on the site.
We’re talking about the last house before the condos and apartments, on the west side of East Blvd., as you head towards Washington Blvd.
Parking for the four units will be underground. The development will include three 3-bedroom units, each with 3 1/2 baths. The fourth will be a 4-bedroom unit with four baths. The total aggregate area is anticipated to be 7877 square feet. Average unit size will be 1969 sf.
Note that the actual lot size is 7098 sf. A screenshot of a ZIMAS search is attached (this lot can’t be searched by address, however). The property is zoned by Culver City as Medium Density, Multiple Family.”
“The architect, Aaron Brumer, and the owner, Michael Simkin, sent residents living near the site a notification (attached) about a meeting to discuss the project. The owner is required to get community input on his conceptual plans, early in the process.
This meeting is scheduled for this Thursday in Culver City, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.
Meeting site:
Tilden Terrace Conference Room
11048 Washington Blvd., Culver City 90232
Tilden Terrace occupies the east side of Washington Blvd., between Tilden and Harter avenues. The meeting room isn’t specified on the flier, but parking will be available on the first floor. Please see attached flier for aerial views of the East Blvd. property and Tilden Apartments.
If you’d like to weigh in on the project, this is your chance.
See you soon –

Pressure Wash on Grand View


CleanStreet of Gardena, CA will be Pressure washing and weeding the sidewalks, curbs and parking lane of the 3800 blocks of Grand View Boulevard in Mar Vista 90066 for several mornings this week starting Tuesday July 30th, 2013. 

The South Mar Vista Neighborhood Association (SoMar) has organized the cleaning with the help of the Council District 11 office. This area south of Venice Boulevard at Grand View has been the site of the weekly Sunday Mar Vista Farmer’s Market, which is having its Seventh Anniversary celebration this Sunday August 4th

The roadway was resurfaced a few years ago and does have weekly street sweeping by Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation but the sidewalks, tree wells and curbs are showing the impact of heavy usage.

The President of SoMar, Steve Wallace, is quoted as saying “The sidewalks have never been cleaned and the broken curbs were sprouting foot high weeds. We saw the need, had the funds available and are hoping to inspire a regular Power washing schedule with the help of the Farmer’s Market, its patrons, the City, the businesses and the South Mar Vista neighbors. The timing is perfect for a cleaner, brighter area for the Seventh Anniversary of the Market this weekend.”

CleanStreet is a City approved vendor and is well known for keeping the Walk of Fame in Hollywood sparkling as well as Business Districts in Old Pasadena and the San Pedro Historic Waterfront.  CleanStreet uses professional grade, environmentally friendly products and waste water recovery systems that are in full compliance with all Federal, State, Regional and City storm water and noise regulations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  Steve Wallace   310- 714-9225


Bicycle Lane added on Washington Place

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and City Planning took my suggestion and added .77 miles of a Bicycle Lane on Washington Place in SoMar recently. It connects to a Culver City bike lane starting at Washington Boulevard to the east that had ended at the Los Angeles City border at Albright Avenue.

Now all we need is Culver City to continue their bike lane from the city border at Grand View Boulevard and stripe it to the west on Washington Place and Washington Blvd and connect it back up in Los Angeles where the LA bike lane starts again just to the west of Lincoln headed to the beach.

So if you know anyone in Culver City government please lobby them so we can comfortably ride our bikes in the “safety” of a marked Bicycle Lane from SoMar to their Costco and Albertson’s. Our sales tax dollars spent in Culver should reimburse them handily for the expense of installation!

21 Infrastructure Goals for South Mar Vista – 15 thru 21

Please feel free to work on making these goals a reality! Spread the word.

These are not SoMar vetted projects yet but a personal list of 21 created by Christopher McKinnon November 2010 revised January 11, 2011

See previous posts for 1-7 and 8-14 Not in order of priority!

15. POWERWASH FARMERS MARKET AREA – Find supplemental funding and/or require the Mar Vista Farmers Market board to hire a professional service company to pick up trash and powerwash the streets and sidewalks on Grand View Boulevard and Pacific Avenue in all the market areas on a bi-monthly basis.

16. BICYCLE LANE WASHINGTON PLACE – Insist that LA Department of City Planning 2010 Master Bicycle Plan upgrade the Mar Vista portion of Washington Place from Bicycle Friendly Street (Class III) to Bicycle Lane (Class II)

17. RECONNECT THE OVAL – Find funding to install traffic calming bumpouts and possible planted median on Washington Place between Marcasel Avenue and East Boulevard which would include vegetated bioswales for stormwater mitigation.

18. SYNCHRONIZE VENICE BLVD. TRAFFIC – Have LADOT synchronize the traffic lights from west to east at Sawtelle and Sepulveda Blvd on Venice Boulevard at peak afternoon hours to increase smooth easterly flow of traffic. Work with Culver City to synchronize flow of traffic on Venice Blvd. from 405 freeway to 10 freeway.

19. SOLAR ROOF CARPORT AT POST OFFICE – Find funding to do a feasibility study in coordination with the USPS for installation of a Solar rooftop carport for the US Post Office at 3826 Grand View Boulevard. Also investigate funding rooftop solar installations for the Mar Vista Library and new Fire Station #62 with City Departments.

20. PARKING LOT DOWNTOWN MAR VISTA – Find location and funding for a LA City or owned and operated parking structure for downtown Mar Vista – near to Venice Boulevard between Centinela Avenue to Inglewood Boulevard.

21. BILLBOARDS PAY MAR VISTA – Limit new and remove existing digital Billboards in South Mar Vista. Any Billboard income to the City of LA in Mar Vista should be spent in Mar Vista for streetscape or infrastructure improvements.

21 Infrastructure Goals for South Mar Vista – 8 thru 14

These are not SoMar vetted projects but a personal list of 21 created by Christopher McKinnon November 2010 revised January 11, 2011

See previous post for 1-7 and tomorrow for 15-21 Not in order of priority!

8. GREEN ALLEYS REBUILD – Find funding to have Bureau of Street Services replace the roadway surface of the two alleys that run from Inglewood Blvd. to Centinela Avenue parallel and to the south of Venice Blvd including curb repair at the entrances and exits of the alleys. Investigate Green Alley solutions.

9. GREENING VENICE BOULEVARD – Find funding for the Venice Boulevard Streetscape Improvement Association 501 c3 $12.2 million dollar master plan for Venice Boulevard entitled “Greening the Boulevard” which includes median trees, parkway plants and bicycle lane beautification and improvement.

10. MCLAUGHLIN AT VENICE POCKET PARKWAY -Find funding to remove Bottle Brush trees in the parkway at the Northeast corner of Venice Blvd. and McLaughlin Avenue and replace with two suitable street trees and drought tolerant ground cover with a decomposed granite path and possible seating bench. May have to involve County agency for irrigation and the State agencies that still control Venice Blvd. as a State highway along with Bureau of Street Services.

11. REAR TREE AT POST OFFICE – Find funding to have Bureau of Street Services – Street Tree Division to remove the tree stump in the tree well on Pacific Avenue behind the Post Office at 3826 Grand View Boulevard and replace with a matching or similar street tree.

12. MAR VISTA METERS FOR MAR VISTA – investigate how to retain parking meter revenue including parking enforcement ticket revenue that is gathered by City of LA in Mar Vista including Venice Boulevard to be spent on streetscape improvement or related projects within Mar Vista

13. TRASH/RECYCLE BINS VENICE BLVD. – Find, refind or demand funding for decorative locking trash receptacles including recycling bins along the commercial corridor portions of Venice Boulevard and Grand View Boulevard including those adjacent to Metro stops. Find supplemental funding to increase the service stops to empty and maintain the trash and recycling bins. Demand required service stops.

14. FIX OIL PIPE BARRIER POST – Identify the city department or private company that is responsible for maintaining crash barrier pipes to oil pipeline vents along Venice Boulevard and require them to fix the crash pipe and concrete base in the median across from 12216 Venice Blvd. just to the west of Grand View Blvd.

21 Infrastructure Goals for South Mar Vista – 1 thru 7

These are not SoMar vetted projects but a personal list of 21 created by
Christopher McKinnon November 2010 revised January 11, 2011

1-7 below 8-14 and 15-21 will post later – Not in order of priority!

1. MAR VISTA OVAL GUTTERS / STREETS – Find funding for the curb and gutter restoration of North and South Oval in order for Bureau of Street Services to rebuild the roadway surfaces in a more timely manner. Include possible Green Street improvements for the curb and parkways.

2. HISTORIC PALM TREES – Nominate the 100 year old Canary Island Palm trees in the parkway that encircles the Mar Vista Oval as a Historic Cultural Monument in order to be allowed to replace the trees as they reach the end of their lifespan and to protect the remaining that gave the development its original name of “Palm Place”

3. HISTORIC SIGN POSTS – Nominate the original street signs and signposts with decorative caps that remain around the Mar Vista Oval as a Historic Cultural Monument in order to be allowed to preserve existing and replace missing with suitable lookalike replacements.

4. FIRE STATION PLANT REINSTALL – Find funding for the replacement of the removed plants and vines around the perimeter of new Fire Station #62 with suitable California native and equivalent drought tolerant vines and plants which may include repair or replacement of current damaged drip irrigation system

5. MAINTAIN FIRE STATION PLANTS – Find funding to supplement the LAFD continuing maintenance of any new and existing plants around the perimeter of new Fire Station #62 including irrigation control and maintenance including weed removal, appropriate Coral tree trimming and litter pickup. Investigate stormwater collection and mitigation.

6. LIBRARY PLANTS MAINTAIN – Find funding to supplement the Department of Rec and Parks for additional maintenance of existing plants and trees around the perimeter of the Mar Vista Library including irrigation control and maintenance including weed removal and litter pickup. Investigate stormwater collection and mitigation.

7. POST OFFICE TREES/PLANTS – Identify the federal or USPS department for maintenance of the trees and irrigated planted medians within the parking lot of the Mar Vista Post office and demand that they be repaired and have continued maintenance. Investigate stormwater collection and mitigation.