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Gold Chain Robberies nearby – Be Aware

These incidents seem to be all in Del Rey but are occurring throughout the city so please be careful wearing watches and jewelry on the street in public.

From our Senior Lead Officer Marcy Garcia:


On August 24, 2011, we had 2 robberies in RD 1457 both of them on Braddock Dr.  Both robberies involved suspect(s) taken gold chain from the victim’s.  Price of gold is at 1,800.00 dollars an ounce and climbing and may indicate a new trend in street robberies.

The first robbery occurred at 1000 hrs. at 11735 Braddock Dr (DR 1114-24869).  The Suspect was described as a male, Black, black hair, unknown eyes, 507-508, 140-160, 28 years old, wearing a red t-shirt, red shorts (NFD).  Bodily force was used.

The second robbery occurred at 1400 hrs at Stoner / Braddock (DR 1114-24884).  The Suspect was described as a male, Hispanic, 504, 20 years old wearing red jacket hoodie, blue jeans (NFD).  Bodily force was used once again.

On August 01, 2011 1 we had 1 robbery.  This robbery occurred on Bray St/Inglewood Blvd at approximately 2:45 PM. Suspect approached the victim at the bus stop. The suspect grabbed the victim necklace she was wearing around her neck and threw her to the ground causing injuries.  The victim’s necklace broke and the suspect was only able to take the coin medallion. The suspect is described as male, Black with black hair and brown eyes, 508-510, 150-170, 20-25 years old, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants.

On September 09, 2011 at approximately 11:30 AM we had 1 robbery. This robbery occurred on Inglewood & Braddock. Suspect approached the victim and ripped her chain from her neck. Suspect is a male Black, 5’10, 130 pounds, 18 years of age wearing black t-shirt and black shorts. Suspect entered a black vehicle unknown make and model.

Any questions / concerns please contact
Det Hassanzai #32950, Pacific Area Robbery at 310-482-6394

or Officer Marcy Garcia (310) 622-3972 .

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