Please attend tonight’s Community Plan Zoom meeting 8/25/20 7PM

Tonight there is a zoom meeting of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Community Plan Subcommittee of the MVCC Planning and Land Use (PLUM) committtee

They will be discussing all the changes proposed by the DCP Department of City Planning to the zoning in all of Mar Vista not just South Mar Vista but you can learn as well as voice your thoughts when you raise your hand.

I believe the two representatives working on the Community Plan updates for City Planning will be on the call. But written e-mail comments will hold a lot of weight. Deadline is  September 15, 2020 and contacts to send to are indicated on a previous blog post
Community Plan Sub-CommitteeTuesday, Aug 25, 2020, at 7:00pm Zoom Electronic MeetingMeeting ID : 978 7032 9234 for instructions on how to join, see 
Join by phone: 720 707 2699 Meeting ID:
TONIGHT @ 7pm!
DCP visits for Q&A. Representative(s) from the Department of City Planning (DCP) will be attending tonight’s Community Plan Subcommittee meeting to answer your questions regarding the Westside Community Plan Update (view plan here).  Meetings are always free and open to the public.    VIEW AGENDA  

Possible City Planning Upzoning in South Mar Vista 2020

The City Planning Department is in the process of updating the Community Plan for Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey which looks at Land Use and often involves zoning changes. The last plan in our area was adopted 1997 so the update is way overdue.  Once a new plan is adopted by the City Council it becomes the guideline for development allowable in each area and on each parcel.  

The Planning Department is seeking comments from stakeholders on their proposed changes before they submit a final plan to the City Planning Committee and then the full City Council.  We have a few areas of concern to the South Mar Vista property owners and residents.  See the flyer below prepared by the Mar Vista Community Council – Community Plan subcommittee of the MVCC PLUM Committee. Below the flyer and right here is a link to submit e-mail comments by deadline of September 15.  The other link is to view the proposed update of the Community Plan.

I believe all the parcels highlighted on Pacific Avenue, Coolidge, Berryman, Minerva, and Bledsoe are currently zoned R1V2    (R1 was  recently subdivided into variations of R1  into R1V1, R1V2 , R1V3 , R1V4 ) 

If the Community Plan suggested updates up zones are accepted by DCP then I think it would mean the current R1 designation on these blocks would become what they call Low Residential – in the light orange color meaning all those parcels could become duplex – two family and each would be allowed 1 ADU -Accessory Dwelling Unit – so possibly 4 individuals or families on 1 current lot.  Height allowance for such development is vague currently.

On McLaughlin from Venice Blvd. to Washington Place the current zoning is also R1V2  and the suggested up zone is to Medium Residential in the darker orange color which means possibly several  units and a height of 2 – 5 stories or more when transit or affordable density bonuses are added.   A current example would be the large developments on the current R3-1 West side of McLaughlin south of Washington Place  adjacent to our  R-1 neighbors on East Blvd. in the South Oval. 

Please view the one sheet flyer below for graphic info and also the active links below. Please share with your neighbors who may not be subscribed to this WordPress blog.



Councilman has Two  Wednesday Nov 6 and 13 Community Meetings – Homelessness and Crime

If you have questions or input on the current state of Homeless and/or Crime in Mar Vista , please RSVP and attend both of the Councilman’s Town Halls at Daniel Webster Middle School.  If you don’t get to speak at the meeting please interface with his deputies in person or in writing at the events. The more people attending possibly the growing seriousness of the proiblems in Mar Vista will be addressed.Dear Friends1 copyDear Friends2 copyDear Friends3 copyDear Friends,

Do you have questions about homelessness here in Mar Vista? Or about public safety?  I’m hosting two events in November to get you answers.

I’m holding a town hall meeting on homelessness in Mar Vista at 6:30 pm, November 6, at Daniel Webster Middle School. Exactly a week later, the Los Angeles Police Department and I are co-sponsoring a second town hall meeting on public safety in Mar Vista, at the same time and same venue. Daniel Webster Middle School is at 11333 Graham Place, near Sawtelle and National boulevards.

At the homelessness event, you’ll hear from me, the mayor’s office and other city departments about our efforts to provide housing, address issues created by encampments, and prevent homelessness. You’ll hear from officials from LA County, who will talk about their efforts to provide services, address mental health issues, public health issues and more. And you’ll hear directly from local service providers about their efforts.

At the public safety event, you’ll hear from officials with LAPD and the city attorney’s office about crime trends, arrests, prevention strategies, neighborhood policing, and community public safety partnerships.

Both events will begin with an informational presentation, and then panelists will take questions from the audience. You will have the chance to get information about and provide feedback on what’s being done and what needs to be done.

Please click here to RSVP for the November 6 Town Hall on Homelessness.

Please click here to RSVP for the November 13 Town Hall on Public Safety.

I hope you can make it to one or both of the events.

Thank you for your partnership in moving Los Angeles forward, doing good, and getting things done for our neighborhoods.


Councilmember, 11th District

Congresswoman Karen Bass Meetings Saturday October 19 and Sunday October 20th

This weekend, I will be hosting two events in the district – I hope you can attend Mobile Office Hours on Saturday, our townhall on Sunday, or both!

See below for more information:

Mobile Office Hours @ Taste of Soul:

WHAT: 37th Congressional District Mobile Office Hours

WHERE: 3810 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008 (map here)

WHEN: Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

RSVP: RSVP here or by calling (323) 965-1422.

A District-Wide Townhall:

WHAT: A Townhall Meeting with Rep. Karen Bass

WHERE: Robert Frost Auditorium, Culver City High School, 4401 Elenda Street, Culver City, CA 90230

WHEN: Sunday, October 20th from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

RSVP: RSVP here or by calling 323-965-1422.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Karen Bass
Member of Congress
37th Congressional District of California