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Small Truck Crushed

A few weeks ago this small truck was crushed when the windstorm knocked over the aging sign post. The post was removed but the truck is still there!!!!!

If your eating a slice at Piece O’ Pizza, doing your laundry at Sun Light, or picking up a six pack at Quick Pick ask the proprietors when it will be removed!

Marcasel and Washington Place

Can the developers actually complete a building to be occupied a year from now? Remember this is in Culver City and they have permission and encouragement from Culver City Planning Department  to encroach  and build on half of Marcasel making it one way out to Washington Place.


Sign of the Times – Vacancy Rate

These signs have been proliferating in SoMar area over the summer on individual houses and larger apartment buildings. This is not an endorsement or critique of the company just an observation.


Does this mean the economy is getting weaker and  tenants are seeking lower rents elsewhere?  Or do landlords like the mostly free-to-them service and they get good results?

Are the prospective tenants getting good value as they  must be paid “members” of www.westsiderentals.com which has seven retail offices, one of which is in Venice.  Website says they have been in business since 1996.

Sign of the Times – Fight Bundy Village

Seeing these signs all over South Mar Vista and everywhere, I wanted to look into the source. For more research on this proposed 11.5 acre project at Bundy and Olympic by Century City based developer Stonebridge Holdings Incorporated – Michael Lombardi, President I had to go to www.fightbundyvillage.com or .org.

Rumor has it that the developer across the road on Olympic is promoting the fight to kill or downsize the project.   This reporter could find no obvious link to Kilroy Realty Corporation at 12100-12200-12312 Olympic Boulevard. The domain fightbundyvillage.com and .org is registered to The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. which is the New York based parent  company of a global portfolio of advertising and marketing companies.

For another localized effort check out www.stopbundyvillage.com the website which says it was created and updated by the Brentwood Homeowners’ Association and Brentwood Community Council. The domain is registered to a Brentwood resident. Both sites offer to get you a lawn sign, one of over 22,000 reported placed.  Are they all the same sign as pictured below?


Pet Waste Transmits Disease

The North Oval Neighborhood Association has sponsored a dog poop station.  As you see here in the photo it has a place to dispense plastic bags and a covered bin to place the waste. It is located on the outer wall of Meadowbrook Manor, a mental health facility, who also donated and maintains the station. A second waste unit is seeking a location on this popular route for dog walkers and joggers..