Mar Vista Community Center another Giving Tuesday Idea

Hi Friends:
If you’ve received this email, you’ve indicated an interest in helping our Historic Fire Station 62 project at Windward and Centinela, Mar Vista, become a reality. 
Our goal is to rehab the existing old fire station building to house the future Bill Rosendahl Community Center. We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Bill, who was the heartbeat of CD11.
In order to make this happen, we’ve got to raise about 1.6 million [probably more to be prepared for construction, labor, and materials costs increases]. 
HOWEVER…in order to get to the initial 1.6 million, we must show a broad donor base. 
My ask is really simple:Please participate in Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, by making a small donation to the Friends of Historic Fire Station 62. You can do this through our website, linked below, by clicking the bright yellow button [right hand side of the landing page] marked “Donate”. We would love small gifts: $5; $10; $25. Your gift is tax deductible as we are a duly incorporated 501c3 organization.
If you could also reach out to your friends and family, that would be fantastic. If you spread the word on your various networks and lists, that would also be fantastic.The more small donors, the better.
Please join me! 
Giving Tuesday presents us with an opportunity to connect as a community and use our power of generosity to heal. Together, we can make this happen. Let’s honor a man who was a pioneer as the first openly gay member of the Los Angeles City Council, who served CD 11 with integrity, and who gave voice to the voiceless at City Hall.
For more information, visit our Friends of Historic Fire Station 62 website, or our Facebook page. 
Sharon Commins

Mar Vista Community Center at Historic Fire Station 62 – Mar Vista Community CenterA community-driven project to turn our historic, abandoned fire station into a dynamic community center for the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles,

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