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Winter Shelter Donations Drop off at CD 11 offices

Requested Items Include:

Razors; Soap (bar and shower gel); Hand sanitizer; Toothpaste; Feminine hygiene products; Foot spray; Deodorant; Combs; Hairbrushes; Nail clippers; Shower shoes; Bath towels.

Men’s underwear; Women’s underwear; Socks; T-shirts; Coats; Jackets; Hats; Scarves; Gloves; Men’s pants; Women’s pants; Shoes; Adult diapers.

Personal Items
Backpacks; Reading glasses.

Misc. items for shelter
Coffee; Creamer; Sugar; Books; Magazines; Board games, Cleaning items (i.e. brooms, mops, scrub pads, bleach, disinfectant, and trash bags).

Donations will be accepted at any CD11 office until December 20, 2014.


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