Westside Food Bank Collection at Councilman Bonin’s Offices


The following are the types of food requested by the Food Bank:  (no glass please, except for baby food.)

Please make sure that all food donated has not been opened if it is not individually wrapped, and that the inner packaging is still intact. Please, no expired food.

Cans of:

Tuna, Vegetables, and Soup
Fruits and Fruit Juices
Pork & Beans
Stews & Other Meats
Packaged Foods:

Pasta, Lentils, Pinto and other beans.
Macaroni & Cheese & Packaged Dinners
Instant Soups
Hot and Cold Cereals
Peanut Butter & other Nut Butters
Nutritional Bars: protein, granola, energy or breakfast bars
Baby foods are also urgently needed. Sadly, two thousand babies and toddlers are without adequate nutrition each day right here on the Westside of Los Angeles.  We want to help them receive the nutrition they need to grow and develop into strong and healthy children.  We now have a special section at our warehouse devoted exclusively to infant and toddler nutrition so that our member agencies have easy access to the foods that are so vital to the health and well-being of the children in our community.

Please consider collecting the following items:

Infant formula
Jar foods – all flavors and stages
Crackers, teething biscuits, and cookies
Raisins & fruit snacks
Juices: jars, cans, pouches and boxes
Infant and children’s cereals
You can also donate online with the Westside Food Bank’s VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE


Donations will be accepted at any of Councilmember Bonin’s three offices. Visit our maps page to find the office closest to you.


Westside Food Bank is an independent, non-governmental, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 1981, which provides food to social service agencies on the Westside of Los Angeles County. Food donated to the Westside Food Bank enables low-income people to stay in their homes, deterring the problem of homelessness, because it saves them from having to make the agonizing choice between paying for rent or food when they can’t afford both. Receiving food also enables the Westside Food Bank’s 70 member-agencies to devote more of their own resources to other ways of helping clients achieve self respect and economic independence. Click here to find out more.

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