Increase in theft crimes from unlocked vehicles

Pacific Area has had an increase in theft crimes due to “UNLOCKED CAR DOORS & VALUABLES Left INSIDE of vehicles.”
Watch the Video:   Copy and paste this link into your web browser if it does not redirect when you click on it.

A11 Unlocked/ Unk 3Boxes of Legal Documents
A11 Pried 3rd Row Seat (Cadillac)

A13 Window Smash Golf Shoes. T-Shirts
A13 Window Smash Laptop
A13 Window Smash Lunch Bag
A13 Window Smash Laptop

A25 Window Smash Garage Remote
A25 Window Smash Office Supplies, luggage
A25 Unlocked/ Unk PCMOD
A25 Unlocked/ Unk Coins ($5.00)

A27 Pried Veh Parts (Seats, Ceiling,etc)
A27 Removed Tire / Wheels
A27 Window Smash Laptop, Jacket

A45 Unlocked/ Unk IPhone Charger, Glasses, Car Keys
A45 Window Smash Ipad, (Time Warner Truck)

A49 Lock Punched 3rd Row Seat (Denali)

A67 Window Smash Attempt Only No Prop Taken
A67 Window Smash PC MOD
A73 Window Smash Wallet, Sunglasses
A25 Window Smash Money

Do Not Make It Easy For Thieves
1. Always lock your doors
2. Keep anything all valuables out of plain view.

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