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22nd Annual Pacific Division Police Appreciation Dinner

Please join your fellow community members in paying tribute to our fine officers and staff at LAPD Pacific Division. Help us make this the best Police Appreciation Dinner ever.

When?       Wednesday November 26, 2014
Where?      L.A.P.D. Pacific Division Community Police Station,
12312 Culver Blvd. (S.E. corner of Culver & Centinela Blvds.) Los Angeles, CA 90066
Food drop off 1:30pm – 4:00pm or later.
Serving 3:00 pm – 7:00pm or later

Please bring your food donations to the above Pacific Division address between 1:30 -4P.M. if possible.
We will be serving upstairs on the second floor of the station in the Roll Call Room. Our
goal is to be set up before the 3 PM Roll Call begins. If you need to arrive a bit later that’s o.k. We understand scheduling and will accept late donations as well.

We are looking for food donations of all kinds including ENTREES, SIDE DISHES, MEATS, DESSERTS, SALADS. Special yummy family recipes are the best! Traditional and foreign dishes are welcome. Also need plates, utensils, sodas, water, ice, napkins, paper towels, etc.

We will be using party type Sterno-heated steam racks (available from Smart and Final) to keep food warm. Please understand with the scope of this event, containers cannot be returned. Therefore, please bring all your food donations in disposable and or recyclable containers. Suggestions include using aluminum full or “1/2 trays” (also available from Smart and Final) for hot dishes.

Please contact the coordinators for this event listed below and let them know what you are bringing. We need to keep a tally. They can also tell you what is needed.

Contact information:Chris Williams, Venice. 310-391-6110 ckwvenice@gmail.com
Cyndi Hench, Westchester. 310-779-6706 kentwoodnw@aol.com

22nd Annual Police Apprec 2014

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