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Pressure Wash on Grand View


CleanStreet of Gardena, CA will be Pressure washing and weeding the sidewalks, curbs and parking lane of the 3800 blocks of Grand View Boulevard in Mar Vista 90066 for several mornings this week starting Tuesday July 30th, 2013. 

The South Mar Vista Neighborhood Association (SoMar) has organized the cleaning with the help of the Council District 11 office. This area south of Venice Boulevard at Grand View has been the site of the weekly Sunday Mar Vista Farmer’s Market, which is having its Seventh Anniversary celebration this Sunday August 4th

The roadway was resurfaced a few years ago and does have weekly street sweeping by Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation but the sidewalks, tree wells and curbs are showing the impact of heavy usage.

The President of SoMar, Steve Wallace, is quoted as saying “The sidewalks have never been cleaned and the broken curbs were sprouting foot high weeds. We saw the need, had the funds available and are hoping to inspire a regular Power washing schedule with the help of the Farmer’s Market, its patrons, the City, the businesses and the South Mar Vista neighbors. The timing is perfect for a cleaner, brighter area for the Seventh Anniversary of the Market this weekend.”

CleanStreet is a City approved vendor and is well known for keeping the Walk of Fame in Hollywood sparkling as well as Business Districts in Old Pasadena and the San Pedro Historic Waterfront.  CleanStreet uses professional grade, environmentally friendly products and waste water recovery systems that are in full compliance with all Federal, State, Regional and City storm water and noise regulations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  Steve Wallace   310- 714-9225


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