Make a Comment on the City Planning Mobility Element

I beleive there is an element of this plan in Mar Vista at Venice Boulevard  and Centinela and maybe Washington Place so make sure you take some time and look thru the many documents and then make your voice heard by adding or e-mailing comments.  Bicycles, Buses, Trains, pedestrians, automobiles!

Los Angeles Mobility Element
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Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
Submit your comments and questions about the NOP!

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Mobility Element update as required by state environmental law. We have released a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for public comment. The comments received on the NOP will direct the topics studied in the EIR. As part of the environmental analysis process, we would like your input on what should be addressed in the EIR.

The NOP provides a description of the proposed project (Mobility Element update) and three transit networks and one pedestrian districts map . Two scenarios will be modeled for each of the network maps in order to analyze the impacts resulting from either moderate or comprehensive street enhancements. You can read more about it in the NOP.

Visit our project website,, for more information about the project and current updates. You can also download the NOP, informational guides, and maps of the proposed transit networks in our ‘Documents’ tab.

The deadline for public comments is June 5, 2013. You can submit your comments here or email them to:

Some questions to consider:

– What impacts are you concerned about/what topics should be studied in the EIR? (i.e. traffic, noise, air quality etc.)
– Should we consider alternative streets in the network maps?
-What kind of improvements would the streets in the maps benefit from?
(Moderate improvements like: peak hour bus only, signal priority, etc)
(Comprehesive improvements like: fully separated bike track, full-time bus only lane, center medians on the street, etc)

*Keep in mind, these comments are intended for the EIR process. The draft Mobility Element Plan document will be available for review mid-Fall 2013 and will have its own comment period, but feel free to ask questions and provide comments about the progress of the plan as well.

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