Bicycles on Venice Blvd. for CicLAvia this Sunday

Venice Blvd. East will be closed most of the day on Sunday April 21, 2013

Here is the info.

It’s time for CicLAvia! Following please find street closure/map information to help you navigate your travel routes this weekend! Here is their website if you would like more information:

Eastbound Venice Blvd is open to motorists between Crenshaw/Venice and the western part of the route at Venice and Grand. Westbound Venice is closed to cars the entire route.

31 Crossing points for cars are at the following intersections starting from west to east:

1. Pacific and Grand
2. Abbot Kinney and Venice
3. Lincoln and Venice
4. Beethoven and Venice
5. Centinela and Venice
6. Sawtelle and Venice
7. Sepulveda and Venice
8. Overland and Venice
9. Culver and Venice
10. Robertsone and Venice
11. National and Venice
12. La Cienega and Venice
13. Cadillac and Venice
14. Fairfax and Venice
15. Hauser and Venice
16. La Brea and Venice
17. Crenshaw and Venice
18. Arlington and Venice
19. Western and Venice
20. Normandie and Venice
21.Vermont and Venice
22. Pico and Alvarado
23. Olympic and Alvarado
24. 8th and Alvarado
25. 7th and Union
26. 7th and Figueroa
27. 7th and Grand
28. 7th and Broadway
29. 6th and Main
30. 3rd and Main
31. Temple and Main

CicLAvia – To the Sea, Downtown <—> Venice

Sunday, April 21st marks the sixth round of CicLAvia, one of Los Angeles’s premiere public events. It returns in 2013 in a special fashion as the route, for the first time, will not only go through Council District 5, but will also connect the city’s downtown historic center with seaside Venice.
Fifteen miles of city road will be closed to motorists and transformed into a safe, car-free, open space for pedestrians and cyclists to gather, walk, bicycle, and experience Los Angeles from a different and whole new perspective. The program’s expansion to the coast enables participants to explore and traverse many of LA’s rich and diverse communities that lay between downtown and the sea, without the worries of traffic congestion and gridlock that normally plague our thoroughfares.
CicLAvia will begin at 10am and will end at 3pm. During this time, Eastbound Venice Blvd will be accessible to motorists. A full map of the route, crossing points for cars, and metro rail station locations in close proximity to the festival can be found at this link. Please visit the website whether you are participating in the event or traveling in the area.
There is much to see on the fifteen mile stretch, as it is often said that CicLAvia allows participants to encounter neighborhoods of their own and those unfamiliar to them with fresh eyes. In addition, there will also be several hubs stationed along the route to offer information, activities, free water, food vendors, restrooms, first aid, and other services.
There are a number of ways to experience and nagivate CicLAvia, so using the event’s Trip Planner is encouraged to make the day run smoother.  It is advised that you plan to return to your point of origin or destination by 3:00pm to avoid car traffic.
Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 8.06.27 PM


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