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Help Needed to recruit Green Gardens for the 2013 Showcase

An appeal from the Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee see the three e-mail addresses to reply:

“We need your help making the 2013 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase the best tour yet!

We can’t do it alone. Right now, our Green Committee Co-Chairs Jeanne Kuntz and Melissa Stoller are singlehandedly attempting to cover Mar Vista to recruit new gardens.

Would you help?

Please email us with the address and contact names of gardens you would like to see on the tour! Melissa.stoller@marvista.org, jeanne@marvista.org or sherri@marvista.org.

Our deadline to submit gardens is only two weeks away!

We have quite a few ‘firsts’ this year – watch the blog as we post the new additions. St. Andrews will be our first church to be on the tour. We have our first multi unit residential complex. And check out this homeowner who filled in their pool to create a succulent garden!”

Pool haven

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