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Bicycle Lane added on Washington Place

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation and City Planning took my suggestion and added .77 miles of a Bicycle Lane on Washington Place in SoMar recently. It connects to a Culver City bike lane starting at Washington Boulevard to the east that had ended at the Los Angeles City border at Albright Avenue.

Now all we need is Culver City to continue their bike lane from the city border at Grand View Boulevard and stripe it to the west on Washington Place and Washington Blvd and connect it back up in Los Angeles where the LA bike lane starts again just to the west of Lincoln headed to the beach.

So if you know anyone in Culver City government please lobby them so we can comfortably ride our bikes in the “safety” of a marked Bicycle Lane from SoMar to their Costco and Albertson’s. Our sales tax dollars spent in Culver should reimburse them handily for the expense of installation!

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