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SoMar in the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase

South Mar Vista is well represented in the  fourth annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase of drought tolerant and California native plant gardens most with lawns removed and some with  stormwater capture elements.  The event takes place throughout all Mar Vista Community Council zones on Saturday April 21st, 2012       from 10 AM to 4PM on Earth Day weekend.

Click the link to the website here to read about all the gardens,  download a map and plan your tour:     http://marvistagreengardenshowcase.blogspot.com

Please walk or ride your bike to visit your neighbors and beyond and consider taking inspiration to convert your own lawn over the next year and becoming part of the SoMar section of the showcase for the 2013 event. The drought may have returned and as water and sewer rates rise for quality and infrastructure purposes now is the time to start lowering bills by conserving water.

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  1. South Mar Vista has some amazing gardens on the tour – including an Aqauponic Farm on East….they are actually producing enough veggies that they will become a vendor at our Farmers Market!

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