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Local Crime Report – August 2011

From Senior Lead Officer Marcy Garcia:

I wanted to pass on some information about a robbery that occurred on Saturday August 06, 2011 at 2 in the morning on Venice & Marcasel.  Suspect 1 and suspect 2 approached the victim on foot.  Suspect 2 acted as a lookout. Suspect 1 punched the victim in the face and took his property.  Both suspects were described as male Hispanics between the ages of 17 & 18 years of age, approximately 5’3 to 5’4 in height. If any further information is revealed, I will make sure to pass this on.

From the LAPD Block Captains meeting Thursday Aug 11, 2011:

LAPD Pacific Division Captain Jon Peters and Detective Steven Katz dropped by to give us an update on crime throughout Pacific and to inform us about a current ROBBERY series in the PALMS area.

Businesses in the PALMS area have been hit by a series of robberies (Aug 6 – 10).  The robberies have occurred between 8:20pm and 9:45pm at Bob’s Market, Overland Market and Trader Joe’s (details on attached flyer).  The suspects are described as male, black, 18-25 years, wearing black short sleeved shirt with “SECURITY” on the back, ski mask and armed.  Possibly related vehicles described as 4 door Black Honda, maybe an Accord, and 4 door White car with sunroof.
Residential burglaries in Pacific are up for the year compared to last year,  In Venice (A11) and East Westchester (A67) east of the 405 freeway (RD 1469), recent arrests have reduced the occurrence of the burglaries for those areas.  The arrest of two burglary suspects (a man and woman) in Venice was made possible because of footage from security cameras being shared with the police.    Captain mentioned that they are seeing an increase in burglaries in Mar Vista (A25). We were reminded that many residential burglaries occur because folks are not locking their doors and windows.
Bicycle thefts are up (286 year to date).  Locking the bike is not working to prevent theft as the locks are cut.  The advice was to take your bike inside with you.  (not sure how that works in practice, but that was the message)

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