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Attempted Burglary in North Oval

From a neighbor in North Oval:

Just wanted to alert you to the fact that there was an attempted break-in on the 3800 block of Marcasel Avenue (north of Washington Place and about 1 1/2 blocks south of Venice).  It occurred yesterday around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday August 2, 2011. The suspect was not deterred by a barking dog in the backyard of the location.  He attempted to remove a lock from a large gate facing the main street, which would have given him entry into the backyard and garage.  He ran after being seen by a neighbor through her window that directly faced the gate where the suspect was attempting to remove the lock.

The neighbor called the police and described the suspect as follows:  early to mid-twenties, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, of Ethiopian descent, dressed in a dark leather coat and white T-shirt.  The police responded to the scene and canvassed the area but was unable to locate the suspect.

This attempted break-in is very bothersome.  As it occurred during daylight hours, the suspect was not deterred by a barking Pit Bull (which was visible through the spaces of the gate), the gate in question faced a main well traveled street, and the suspect was only deterred by direct eye contact with the neighbor through her window.  Thank God for alert and caring neighbors!!!

Like you, we will keep our eyes and ears open for this and other suspects preying on our neighbors.  Please feel free to edit and blast this to the members of our neighborhood association to alert them to be on the lookout for this particular individual.


One Response

  1. How did this observer/reporter know that this was an Ethiopian as opposed to some other person of African decent?

    This sounds a bit suspicious to me.

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