21 Infrastructure Goals for South Mar Vista – 8 thru 14

These are not SoMar vetted projects but a personal list of 21 created by Christopher McKinnon November 2010 revised January 11, 2011

See previous post for 1-7 and tomorrow for 15-21 Not in order of priority!

8. GREEN ALLEYS REBUILD – Find funding to have Bureau of Street Services replace the roadway surface of the two alleys that run from Inglewood Blvd. to Centinela Avenue parallel and to the south of Venice Blvd including curb repair at the entrances and exits of the alleys. Investigate Green Alley solutions.

9. GREENING VENICE BOULEVARD – Find funding for the Venice Boulevard Streetscape Improvement Association 501 c3 $12.2 million dollar master plan for Venice Boulevard entitled “Greening the Boulevard” which includes median trees, parkway plants and bicycle lane beautification and improvement.

10. MCLAUGHLIN AT VENICE POCKET PARKWAY -Find funding to remove Bottle Brush trees in the parkway at the Northeast corner of Venice Blvd. and McLaughlin Avenue and replace with two suitable street trees and drought tolerant ground cover with a decomposed granite path and possible seating bench. May have to involve County agency for irrigation and the State agencies that still control Venice Blvd. as a State highway along with Bureau of Street Services.

11. REAR TREE AT POST OFFICE – Find funding to have Bureau of Street Services – Street Tree Division to remove the tree stump in the tree well on Pacific Avenue behind the Post Office at 3826 Grand View Boulevard and replace with a matching or similar street tree.

12. MAR VISTA METERS FOR MAR VISTA – investigate how to retain parking meter revenue including parking enforcement ticket revenue that is gathered by City of LA in Mar Vista including Venice Boulevard to be spent on streetscape improvement or related projects within Mar Vista

13. TRASH/RECYCLE BINS VENICE BLVD. – Find, refind or demand funding for decorative locking trash receptacles including recycling bins along the commercial corridor portions of Venice Boulevard and Grand View Boulevard including those adjacent to Metro stops. Find supplemental funding to increase the service stops to empty and maintain the trash and recycling bins. Demand required service stops.

14. FIX OIL PIPE BARRIER POST – Identify the city department or private company that is responsible for maintaining crash barrier pipes to oil pipeline vents along Venice Boulevard and require them to fix the crash pipe and concrete base in the median across from 12216 Venice Blvd. just to the west of Grand View Blvd.

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