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21 Infrastructure Goals for South Mar Vista – 15 thru 21

Please feel free to work on making these goals a reality! Spread the word.

These are not SoMar vetted projects yet but a personal list of 21 created by Christopher McKinnon November 2010 revised January 11, 2011

See previous posts for 1-7 and 8-14 Not in order of priority!

15. POWERWASH FARMERS MARKET AREA – Find supplemental funding and/or require the Mar Vista Farmers Market board to hire a professional service company to pick up trash and powerwash the streets and sidewalks on Grand View Boulevard and Pacific Avenue in all the market areas on a bi-monthly basis.

16. BICYCLE LANE WASHINGTON PLACE – Insist that LA Department of City Planning 2010 Master Bicycle Plan upgrade the Mar Vista portion of Washington Place from Bicycle Friendly Street (Class III) to Bicycle Lane (Class II)

17. RECONNECT THE OVAL – Find funding to install traffic calming bumpouts and possible planted median on Washington Place between Marcasel Avenue and East Boulevard which would include vegetated bioswales for stormwater mitigation.

18. SYNCHRONIZE VENICE BLVD. TRAFFIC – Have LADOT synchronize the traffic lights from west to east at Sawtelle and Sepulveda Blvd on Venice Boulevard at peak afternoon hours to increase smooth easterly flow of traffic. Work with Culver City to synchronize flow of traffic on Venice Blvd. from 405 freeway to 10 freeway.

19. SOLAR ROOF CARPORT AT POST OFFICE – Find funding to do a feasibility study in coordination with the USPS for installation of a Solar rooftop carport for the US Post Office at 3826 Grand View Boulevard. Also investigate funding rooftop solar installations for the Mar Vista Library and new Fire Station #62 with City Departments.

20. PARKING LOT DOWNTOWN MAR VISTA – Find location and funding for a LA City or owned and operated parking structure for downtown Mar Vista – near to Venice Boulevard between Centinela Avenue to Inglewood Boulevard.

21. BILLBOARDS PAY MAR VISTA – Limit new and remove existing digital Billboards in South Mar Vista. Any Billboard income to the City of LA in Mar Vista should be spent in Mar Vista for streetscape or infrastructure improvements.

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