Verizon moving their FIOS Control Boxes Up

The Verizon subcontractor GSI- Gulbranson Services Inc.  has been raising their FIOS control boxes up on the utility poles in South Mar Vista and the entire city as a result of many complaints especially the disability lobby. Now instead of crashing  into them at shoulder height we will have to view them up higher.


Hopefully the grafitti kids won’t be able to reach them easily either but if they do it might be harder to get it removed.  More visual blight I do see is the new added  bracket underneath which looks like it is a slot for the lift equipment (actually used for a ladder support so it won’t tip when worker mounts the pole 3-17-10) that Verizon will now have to use to work on these controls.  Will Verizon raise rates to pay for the retrofit?  and it does cost more to use service people on lifts.  Maybe they are making enough money from FIOS to be able to absorb the greater expenses.

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